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Lines Around the Mouth

CAUSE: Sipping through a straw may seem daintier than knocking back a drink, but it can do a number on the skin surrounding your mouth over time. Pursing or puckering lips frequently when sipping through a straw and especially smoking are major source of fine lines around the mouth. The other is (you guessed it) sun damage. The reason you see lines here early on is because the skin is exposed and it’s a delicate area.

TREATMENT: Above all – Quit Smoking! Exfoliate around the mouth just as you do to the rest of the face. By regularly getting rid of the dead skin there, you reduce the appearance of lines. Products such as OLAY Regenerist Anti-Aging Lip Treatment and LANCOME Platineum Restructuring Eye & Lip treatment can help to fill in lines. However, ingredients namely collagen and silicone, can also pill on the skin, so apply just a thin layer.

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