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PROs & CONs of AIRBRUSH Makeup

Airbrush Wedding Makeup Artist Medan Kuala Lumpur Jakarta Malaysia

Every girl wants to look completely FLAWLESS in front of the camera!  Making sure you put on the right makeup is a big decision to consider.


A lot of girls, women, brides-to-be have asked me about the difference between Normal Conventional Makeup applied using Sponge Brush and Airbrush Makeup.


Here are the few main differences between the two and also the Pros and Cons.


What is Airbrush Makeup?


Airbrush makeup uses very fine formula sprayed onto the skin using an Airbrush Gun, instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods.


As the makeup is sprayed on, the millions of droplets of formula connect on the skin. Airbrush formula can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that, if applied properly, can achieve natural, glow and radiance look.


Airbrush makeup has become more popular with the advent of High Definition Video and television (HD), and High Definition Digital Camera.


The spray dot-pattern the airbrush puts down on the skin registers less on High Definition (HD) camera than the patterns and trace lines that brushes and sponges leave behind.




Below is the Comparison of Blusher Application taken using High-Definition 10 Mega Pixels Digital Camera, a common gadget.

Blusher- Application-using Airbrush spray-and-Brush

High Definition Camera/Video Reads picture in Dots to capture tremendous details.


Blusher applied using Brush is More Opaque (not able to be seen through).


Makeup formula that is applied using Sponge or Brush has bigger molecules / dots, which make the finishing More Opaque.


The High Definition Camera/Video will read the finishing as Patches / Lines because the formula applied is not formed by very fine dots.


This can be seen very clear if the makeup is captured using a HD Camera/Video.


Blusher applied using Airbrush Spray is More Translucent. Since it is such a fine mist, the true skin tone shows through which makes it look more natural and not so much caked on.


Airbrush sprays out super fine, micronized dots that dry within seconds. This makes it camera-ready and looks good in photo or video.


Situation 1: The skin has too many blemishes and some texture issues. Imagine the Skin as the Canvas in this context.


I would firstly do the correction with High-Definition concealer to fill in all the nooks and crannies on the Canvas.


Then airbrush a fine finish on top to give a finer finish.


This is to even out the texture of the Canvas. Last part is to airbrush on the blusher and contouring parts.


The application of blusher and contouring using Airbrush method works very well on Canvas with blemishes/freckles.


Normal conventional application of blusher and contouring using Brush or Sponge may brush away some of the correction or concealer which was previously applied.

Malay Wedding Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Medan Jakarta Indonesia
Wedding Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Medan Jakarta


Situation 2: The skin does not have many blemishes, only little freckles and small part of uneven skin tone.


With this type of skin condition, I directly use Airbrush spray to cover all the skin imperfections.


Finishing: Radiance Glow , in which is more translucent to show off the true natural skin tone.

More importantly, it looks amazing on High Definition photograph and video, in particular for a close-up look.

Indian Wedding Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Medan Jakarta Indonesia

Indian Wedding Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Medan Jakarta Indonesia4

Natural Wedding Airbrush Makeup – Make You Look Younger

The Pro and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

The Pros:

•  Allows makeup to sit evenly on the skin by spraying technique
•  Long-Lasting with minimal touch ups
•  Non-comedogenic
•  Non-allergenic

•  Minimize skin’s imperfections while still maintaining Lightweight feel

•  Natural flawless looking finished result

•  More hygienic due to minimal hand or fingers contact to the skin

•  No cakey or heavy finishing


The Cons: 

•  Airbrush kit is slightly bulky to carry around in your purse for touch-up

•  More expensive than normal conventional makeup

•  It is difficult to apply on yourself without proper training



The Pro and Cons of Conventional Makeup applied using Brush or Sponge

The Pros:

•  Not as expensive as Airbrush Makeup

•  Buildable coverage

•  Can be applied on your own

The Cons: 

•  Heavier feel on the skin

•  May give cakey finishing when applied too much

•  Few different brushes are sometimes being used, which may build bacteria on skin

What Makeup method to use? Airbrush method or Normal Conventional Sponge/ Brush Makeup method?


When there would be lots of Photos and Video taken during the event, Airbrush makeup is Camera-Ready.


If the makeup would be used for event that lasts longer than half day, Airbrush makeup formula has been designed to be Long-Lasting with minimal touch ups.


In my opinion, at best is the Balance Combination of Conventional (Brush/Sponge) and High-Definition Airbrush Makeup method to achieve Flawless, Camera-Ready and Long-Lasting Finishing.


Why Not Give Airbrush Makeup a Try?


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Till next time! xoxo